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Default Frilly Kroker TUTORIAL

So, I promised some of you that requested a tut on how to make them. If you all need pics pm me.

Of course make your krokers like we all do and instead of sewing them use round cord ( elastic cord ) to tie off. Cut 6" x 2" of tool. Cut 10 pieces. place 2 pieces of tool on top of each other and repeat. Once you have done that place your round cord flat on you table. Place your tool on top of your round cord and make a X.plave 9-10 krokers in a row and on top of the ones that you have already plave make another X and repeat till your done and tie off. Also after you tie off take pinking sheers and roundt he till for better shape and a slightly fun look.

Your Finshed!

Have fun ladies
DIY Portable No Slip Grip Tutorial
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