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Originally Posted by jrogers View Post
not to hijack but I am also considering this, what other gadgets do I need with it such as clips, etc. Is there any oher "things" I will need with this after I get it home and want to make a bow and then say Oh I have to still have this. Hope that makes sense.


You don't *need* anything else. If you want to use the NBNG method of sewing the creases, you just need your ribbon (of course , needle & thread (the ebook also advises that you use 2 or 3 alligator clips with non-slip grip to hold your ribbon to the template, but I just use 2 fully lined velvet alligators). If you want to try something like the gator bite, or a big Sally's clip to hold your bow while you wrap the center with elastic, wire, etc., then that's up to you. I personally sew my creases, according the NBNG method, and have found it the best method for perfect creases. HTH
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