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Default Re: Forgot how to make Korkers!!?!??!

Originally Posted by BowHeadz View Post
To sew a korker - using a heavy weight thread, tie a knot about 5 inches from the end of the thread. Take your korker piece, and find the middle. Push the needle through the ribbon and continue until you have all of the korker pieces on it stacked on top of one another. I then adjust the ribbons to make the "ball" shape. I push them down tight, and then push the needle through again (going the other way this time) and pull tight. Then I tie the loose end that we left at the beginning, and the new end of thread I've just pulled through. Then I add a little dab of hot glue to keep the threads more secure.

Did that make sense? LoL
Yes, thanks! I never thought of that but it sounds like it will hold really well! I'm excited to try now
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