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Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I have never made doggy bows to sell, but I did make one for my moms dog (she was getting jealous )

I put sewed it to a little pony-o, I agree those little rubber bands are awful and really only good for one(maybe two if your lucky) uses.

Kinda like the ones in that link, but the teeny tiny size you would use for babies.

those scrunchies are a good idea but they would never stay in my dogs hair. i think people that are buying dog bows know that they are not going to last very long. when i used to buy them at pet smart i would always buy doubles because between the rubber band breaking and her getting them dirty etc. i always needed back up. i know what you mean the clip with the teeth. i am sure that is fine but it seems temporary one good shake and it may come out. Some people that like to dress their dogs on a regular basis may like that idea because they can take the bow out at the end of the day or change it to match a sweater. I just put a bow in my doggies hair and leave it there until it falls out or i pick it out. maybe you can offer a variety, what works for one may not work for another!
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