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Default Re: Doggie Bows!

Originally Posted by mrsbell View Post
Tell me what's special about doggie bows and what I should secure them to (and how!)

Can I use the itty bitty mini jaw clips? I bought some at WM tonight thinking they'd be good.... but not sure. Also, what about ouchless mini pony o's? I hate the thought of the little rubber bands because I HATED those in MY hair and I'd imagine they'd kill coming out..

I had someone ask me about doggie bows tonight and had no clue! I told them I'd make some, but have no idea how to go about it!



I have never made doggy bows to sell, but I did make one for my moms dog (she was getting jealous )

I put sewed it to a little pony-o, I agree those little rubber bands are awful and really only good for one(maybe two if your lucky) uses.

Kinda like the ones in that link, but the teeny tiny size you would use for babies.

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