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Default Re: Singed Flowers

I'll let you in on a great resource for fabric for making these. YOUR LOCAL THRIFT STORE.
I bought a bunch of pink, red, teal, ivory and so on polyester, nylon and silk shirts that will be perfect fabric for these flowers. I paid very, very little for each and because most of the shirts were old lady ugly ones that have been at the store for a long time, they were at the 1/2 off stage.
A few of them even had cool buttons on them for the centers.
I think I got enough fabric to make 3 or 4 dozen flowers (in lots of colors) for about $5.00
It's great too for learning because your just cutting up an ugly shirt.

The only part that I hate is checking out with a pile of really ugly clothing and I want to say..."I'm buying it for the fabric!"
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