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Default Re: Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by babyeliza View Post
that's kind of a rude question for someone to ask! I would be pretty offended....actually I am offended because I make the same kind!
I have a 3 year old niece who owns several of mine and plays dress-up in them daily and they have held up just fine. They may get a little wrinkled, but that would happen with one of the sewn ones too.
I tried sewing one once and it looked like crap...I couldn't get it fluffy and it just looked like a sad mess. haha. I don't know how they get them so full by sewing them.
My "crappy" tied tutus sell just fine and I haven't had any complaints that they've fallen apart.
Oh I can't even tell you how much that question upset me. I had to just try and be professional in my email back stating that my tutus have held up to my 3 girls no problem! I have a 5 month old, 2 year old, and 3 year old who all have numerous tutus that have held up fine! I couldn't ever imagine asking someone that and the question was worded sooooooo wrong! I never heard back from her. I love them and so have all of my customers. We'll stick with our "crappy tutus"! LOL!!! I cannot figure out how to get the sewn ones fluffy. Mine just layed flat and I couldn't get it to puff up. I have tried to get one of my knots apart and I couldn't get it. I ended up cutting off the strip and using new ones.
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