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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I did quit my day job for the “bow” business. I was a Human Resources Director for 15 years and loved, it was really difficult path for me because I was in a male dominated industry so I had to work twice as hard to be successful. I had put so much into my career and education, I needed to make sure that coming home to be with the kids would be personally rewarding as a mom but also as a successful educated businesswoman. We were very smart about all of it. I worked the “bow” business for more than a year while working full time so we could understand the business and customer demands. I wanted to buy all the inventory, cargo trailer and travel trailer with cash. I did not want to start a business and only create debt.
I quit my job and have never looked back. Some things had to change at home and there are times when a bad show will create more stress than it used to BUT I would not change a thing about it. After all, I am home for my kids when they need me and I am still a successful businesswoman.
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