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Default Re: have you quit your day job

HEy! well im a 23 y/o mother of 2 boys... a 4y/o and 2 year old! I work as an EMT for at a local station and let me tell u it does NOT PAY WELL AT ALL (around here at least)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went part time last year and took the chance of loosing everything , NOW with my "bow bussiness" i have 2 boutiques i do consignment at and i also have a few clients who purchase wholesale monthly..... and it seems like every other weekend i have a craft show, some kind of cheer,dance,ballet or sports group wanting bows for their teamsand not to mention the bow parties i do durring the week It keeps me super busy and you really have to give it ur all to make it selling bows But My Job as a bow maker has been very profitable for my family (thank god) i actually make more money working from home and with my own schedule than i do working on the ambulance(i continue to do so because i love it)! I love both of my jobs but i must say the money for me has been in bow making and i love that i can still be The Stay at home mommy/Wifey and continue to help support my family while doing something i love!!!!!
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