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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I would love too! Only prob is I am 18 haha! Therefore I dont foresee me quitting my day job anytime soon. I have a full-time job as an Insurance Office Rep,right now I make $7.50 an hour,and for every extra license I get I get a $1 raise. I am working on my P&C license now and will take the test next week and then be making $8.50 an hour then as I take my rest that will go up. I have an excellent job! Plus the owner here is like my grandpa,my dad works for him also,and we see him as family. With that being said he is like 70 ish,and will retire soon. He makes $700,000+ a year. I am hoping that when he retires in the next 10 years I will take his place which is very possible.
Therefore,I think I will keep my day job! I do love my business alot. I work 8-5 everyday and still find the time to make inventory. It works for me. I am always in a constant rush for shows,but I can handle it.
My boss also owns lots of buildings and houses,when he dies they will all be left to my dad. So when that time comes,and my dad gets everything,I will then prob. quit my job and open a store in one of the buildings.

But for my business I do make good money. I sell to 2 stores here local,my website,etsy,ebay,and myspace.And I have craft shows almost every weekend during craft show season.

Okay so this wasnt supposed to be so long but I am at work and bored!
My office is at the very front,so all I do is talk to people,take payments,file,answer the phone. Which is a plus because all I do is sit on HG allll day.

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