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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I think we've all "thought" about it.. BUT unless I could sale 6000 Kufi hats a year I don't see me being able to quit my day job ever. My husband sales real estate and works part time so he stays home with our kids for the most part. He's my SAHM except without the cleaning part. My day job is our main income and I just do the bows on the side.. mostly started because I enjoy it, and it's slowly turning into a suplimental income for me/us. I like my 40 hr a week job, I get to be on HG all day long and I make great money and have great benefits. Starting in Jan I get 4 weeks of vacation bc I will have been here for 10 yrs. It's the oil and gas industy.
I do sometimes get annoyed when I hear SAHM not having time to do this and that. I'm like REALLY?? I TOTALLY agree thats staying home with your kids is a job and it's hard and you don't just sit and watch TV all day etc... but before you complain to me a working mom, consider working a full time job and doing everything you do all day in about 4 hours every evening. I'm not talking about anyone on this site so keep your panties on.. I'm referring to a few of my sahm friends. They are so stressed and busy and didn't have time do laundry or pick up their own kids from soccer practice... IMO it's because they don't know how to manage their time. What you can't do laundry when your kids are home? I do think being a SAHM is hard bc you have to spend all day everyday talking to a 2 yr old.. but working moms also have it hard because they have to spend all day talking to co workers and playing nice then come home and do their second job.

With that being said.. I think I like working bc I don't want to stay at home and only talk to a 2 yr old all day everyday. Plus I like my SAHD to cook dinner for me everynight.. now if I could get him to clean and do the laundry I'd be happy. NOW if I could make enough money doing only bows I'd be out of here... My kid won't be 2 forever.
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