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Default Re: have you quit your day job

Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
I would LOVE to, but I'm a teacher so it's really hard for me to give up the retirement, summers off, holiday breaks, etc. This year however, I have a really rough group and I am having all kinds of issues due to stress that I don't care to deal with, so I've been thinking more about the future and what I want to do. All of my bow money is like my spending money, so that's nice to have-if I didn't work, it'd turn into bill money so I'd have to sacrifice my shopping addiction-haha.

My bows are definitely a full time job. I get home from school and work out, fix dinner, hang out with the kids until about 7-8:00 and then I head down to my room until about 1am just to stay somewhat caught up on orders. I'm a night owl, so that part doesn't bother me, it's all of the stress from the day that is wearing me down. Especially on days like today when I had a stressful day at work with 4-5 year olds and then I come home to a 2.5 and 4 year old who both had gymnastics and who both didn't listen worth crap and it is hard to just relax and get away from it. I would ideally at least like to work at home until the kids are in school, but if I did that, I'd have to add a lot of variety and that's just what I don't have time for. It's a big decision because I can work on things like that in the summer, but then I run into the chance that I will get behind when school starts back up, so I wish I had a better plan, but if this year continues like it is, I may have an easy decision about figuring out a way to stay home

kindergarten is hard.... I totally admire the teachers that do that all day... I know I couldnt.

maybe its time for you to take a break from the babies and do 1st or 2nd grade for a few... they then are "supposed to KNOW" how school works and it will give you a break
just a thought since you have kids so close to that kinder age it must be a PIA to go to work dealing with that all day then come home to it too
after they are both in school then you could go back to the kinders and you wouldnt have as much burn out...
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