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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I quit my full time career as an Advertising Sales Account Executive about 3 1/2 half years ago after I moved from Florida to Texas. I tried to work for a month for Katy Magazine but they were very prissy and stuck up people.
I then said forgot this, I am going to figure out a way to be home for my two children one of which at the time needed to go to school for 4 hours every day in ppcd for mild autism.
I had already been selling on Ebay for years, then I opened my website, and then an Etsy Store. I started doing craft show about a year and half ago as well. I think anyone can make it working from home if they have desire and support of there family. I would not quit your day job though if you really need the income weekly as online ordesr can come and go. I would try selling from home as you work and when you get to point where you have established customers and some store accounts then say bye to your day job if you want to. GOOD LUCK!

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