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Default Re: Help with twisted boutiques

I'm definitely no pro at this whole bow-making stuff yet, but I've been doing it for a couple months and am VERY confident about my twisted boutique bow. Actually, when I first started bow making this was the very first bow I started with! Thank goodness I didn't really have too many problems with it because I might have never went on to do other things back then!
Anyway, here is my big tip. Make sure that when you are spreading the loops you make sure that the two ribbons in the back are completely straight with one another and not at any angle or anything. It's hard to explain without pics and incidentally my son poured my coffee all over my camera this morning so I have NO way to show you what I am talking about. Sorry, maybe someone else can if you don't understand it and they do. But when I figured this out it was my big "Aha" moment and they've been great ever since!
Good luck, they take lots of practice to perfect but totally worth it!
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