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Default Anyone have any last minute craft show Banner ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas for a last minute banner. My graphics lady was supposed to get one designed for me awhile back and she just finished it today so obviously I'm not going to have time to get it printed through vista print. I don't really want to pay twice as much to get it printed here at the local printing shop. I would love to see pics of what someone has done to improvise. I mean other than telling me to put it on poster board which I will end up doing if I can't think of anything better - anything else you ladies can think of that would look professional. I do have one of those tall stands that I can put a poster in outside of my tent if that would work better than making a banner or sign out of posterboard to go on top of my tent. It looks like this:

I am on final crunch time so any help is most appreciated!

Thanks ladies,

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