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Default Re: korker from scratch?

Originally Posted by beansnana View Post
My other oven was off like 50 degrees. I learned how to kork in the microwave. Yes, I was a dseperate woman, but it worked. Took time wrapping the ends with thread. HA!!! I have korked ribbon once with this new oven. It needs to be cleaned before I make any more though. Actually no, I can tent them like you do a turkey and would be ok. Just hate dirty ovens. Now I am home I can get ready to do that and the holiday season as well. Yes, by all means check your ovens.
You know, I wonder if tenting is just good practice for lighter ribbon that tends to scorch. Hmmmm wonder about dots too. BTW I used my oven thermometer. It was only 2 degrees off!

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I cute about 1/2" shorter than I want the korker to be.

I use approx 20 pieces from my small korkers and approx 35 pieces for my bigger ones

I do not starch them, I think to get that stiffness you can bake or starch and since the korker ribbon is already baked, why starch?

Maybe there is a reason, but I do know at the last show I was at the other bow maker starched hers and I had a couple people come to my booth and comment on how they were worried the other lady's korkers were pokey and liked that mine weren't so stiff. I have never had one loose shape either.

I prefer mine starched. They won't keep a snowball shape around a 2 year old if I don't . Tried this in my own testing lab ROFL.
I use sizing for this, not a heavy duty starch.
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