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Default Re: professional pictures

Here is my opinion from experience:

My first photographer, we did it outside (same season). I had the big girls wear brown shirts, the toddlers wear pink and the babies wear white. I absolutely hated the way they turned out. The colors in the background were just way too distracting I thought. I had issues with the photographer too, but that didn't matter on the background.

The next photographer I went with, we chose to do inside on a white background. Everyone wore white and then I found one small prop that was the color of the bow/clip/etc. they were wearing so that just the bow would pop but that the prop would help offset all of the white too. All of the pics on my website that are white background are from that shoot. The rest I've just had to update and I don't have the lighting I need to make them match what the photog did even though I have the camera to do it.
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