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Default Re: NBNG or gator bite?

I have the NBNG templates and the Gator Bite and my bows come out pretty awesome. I use the template and then clamp my Gator Bite onto the ribbon while it's on the template and just slide it off. The Gator Bite has teeth that grip the ribbon. You can decide how many creases you want by putting a little pressure on the Gator Bite when you are tying it.

Forget that sewing business. LOL! I tie all my bows and have NEVER had one come apart. I was using 1/8" ribbon to tie mine, but last week I started using crochet cotton to tie them. I'm sure there's something better for tying, but this works for me. The 1/8" ribbon was running out too quickly, but the crochet cotton will last me a long time. I double it to give it more strength and it's awesome. Since I heard some of the ladies who sew say they worry about tied bows coming apart, I made a bow and deliberately tried to destroy it buy pulling on it with my hands and pulling on it with pliers and it was still intact. I sat it in a bowl of water overnight, let it dry out, then I tried to destroy it again and it still didn't come apart. Unless the little girl is Lou Ferrigno, turns green and pulls it apart, I wouldn't worry about it.
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