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Default Re: Sooo Clueless how to edit bottle cap images

Originally Posted by Bunyfuny View Post
I do mine in GIMP. Since I make a ton of caps I reformat all my images to 1 or 2 images per 4 x 6 page.

It's kind of hard to explain but I will try my best:
Open your original page in GIMP. Crop around the image you want to use. Click "File" and then "New" Change the image size to inches and then put 4 width and 6 height. Click the "Advanced Options" and change the X and Y resolution to 300. Then it will open a blank 4x6 page. Go back to your original image and do Ctrl+C, go to your new page and do Ctrl+V and your cropped image will appear. Place it where you want on the page. I usually do a row of three on the top of the page and then copy and paste that row so I have five rows of three images per page.

Wow, sounds simple, I'm going to try it right now!
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