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Default Re: korker from scratch?

Originally Posted by momto2cherubs View Post
Do you starch your ribbon while it's on the dowl and before baking? How many strand of ribbon do you use per korker and how long do you cut? Sorry for the questions. I'm new and just navigating my way around this place. LOL I'm finding this form is like a big mall with tonns of stores. I keep getting lost. LOL

Thanks in advance.
I cute about 1/2" shorter than I want the korker to be.

I use approx 20 pieces from my small korkers and approx 35 pieces for my bigger ones

I do not starch them, I think to get that stiffness you can bake or starch and since the korker ribbon is already baked, why starch?

Maybe there is a reason, but I do know at the last show I was at the other bow maker starched hers and I had a couple people come to my booth and comment on how they were worried the other lady's korkers were pokey and liked that mine weren't so stiff. I have never had one loose shape either.

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