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Default Re: korker from scratch?

My other oven was off like 50 degrees. I learned how to kork in the microwave. Yes, I was a dseperate woman, but it worked. Took time wrapping the ends with thread. HA!!! I have korked ribbon once with this new oven. It needs to be cleaned before I make any more though. Actually no, I can tent them like you do a turkey and would be ok. Just hate dirty ovens. Now I am home I can get ready to do that and the holiday season as well. Yes, by all means check your ovens.

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
Unfortunately, no. I've had bad luck with scrolls & white swiss dots. Especially navy, black & red. They just bleed if they get too hot. Reduce your temp to 260 & see if it bleeds. Just toy with it to see how low you can go and still get the poly chains to re-fuse properly in the polyester.

That is a great idea! I actually got one for Christmas one year & I should do a test run with it to see if my oven is accurate.
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