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Default Re: V-cut heat seal?

Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
1. When I cut it, I fold it in half length-wise and cut a diagonal, making a v-cut when opened.

2. I heat seal mine with a woodburner - it's the best method I've found. How are you applying the woodburner? The best attachment is that flat diagonal one that's pointed on the end (sorry if my description sucks ). I briefly apply the flat part, with the pointed end in the center of the v-cut, on 1 side and then exactly the same way on the other. Works perfectly!
Originally Posted by Ste1977 View Post
1)I cut by folding the end on the ribbon in half and snipping the corner off to make the v cut

2)wood burner to heat seal. You don't have to keep it on there for very long as it melts the ends and doesn't take long to do that.
Originally Posted by HappyGoose View Post
I too fold and make the diagonal cut and seal mine very quickly with the lighter. Looks good unless I accidentally burn too long!
I agree with them, this is the best way.
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