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Default Re: korker from scratch?

Originally Posted by maggierosie View Post
Sorry I didn't clarify what I meant. If I have red ribbon that has a lighter print on it, the red will bleed on to the print. I've had that happen with a few different types of red ribbon with the lighter print just wondering if I sprayed the starch if that would keep it from bleeding.
Unfortunately, no. I've had bad luck with scrolls & white swiss dots. Especially navy, black & red. They just bleed if they get too hot. Reduce your temp to 260 & see if it bleeds. Just toy with it to see how low you can go and still get the poly chains to re-fuse properly in the polyester.

Originally Posted by beansnana View Post
Go buy yourself an oven thermometer.
That is a great idea! I actually got one for Christmas one year & I should do a test run with it to see if my oven is accurate.
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