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Default Re: korker from scratch?

Go buy yourself an oven thermometer. Bet advice I can give anyone. I lived in my apt for 7 years before I purchased one. You ca't imagine how many batches of cookies I have thrown out because of them burning. I also use an egg timer too cuz I always get busy doing something else and forget what time I put them in. I just got a new stove and found out the temp is 25 degrees cooler than it should be as well. Glad I had my thermometer to check it out before I baked anything.

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
Thanks for the great tips! I've been avoiding baking things, because my oven scorches everything....

Good news is, I have a brand new oven in the basement. Bad news is, I am not sure when it will be installed, there is some re-wiring of electrical circuits, etc. to be done in the process. In the meantime, I've considered buying korked ribbon....but I think I'm still too cheap!!
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