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Default Re: korker from scratch?



I make these sitting on the couch watching TV . I poke the dental floss-threaded needle in the arm of my couch, point up. Then I stack my strands of korker on the needle, piercing through the center of each piece with spirals going up (you'll figure out what looks good to you). These pics show what a stitched korker looks like.

The top is the one where I'm separating the spirals to see the middle. Not very visible when the spirals point upward. The bottom has the knots. The knots will be submerged in hot glue right on the clip.

As you can see, I forgot to use a piece of scrap 3/8 on this one (this idea is something pretty new to me still) so I'll just cut down the bottom kork and glue it to the clip.

HTH! If you get stuck on anything post or PM me pics & I'm happy to help troubleshoot.
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