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Default Re: Fast/easy way to cut Hold-It tape for no-slips?

Originally Posted by kksand View Post
I have heard of the silicone method, but my dd is two and teething and therefore many things end up in her mouth. I am not sure of toxicity levels of the silicone. Does anyone know? I heard it works great though and do plan on using it on my toggle headbands, since they are for older kids!
Someone on this forum said that they tried it out by chewing on it or something to make sure that it would not come off and it didn't. She also has the info from DAP which is the company that makes it. It talks about all that stuff. She even puts a warning on her bows saying that they are not edible. I wish I knew where that post was. I do know her name is Allison. In her siggie, there is a picture of a girl wearing a red hat. She can really help you with that. HTH!
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