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Default Re: I think I ruined all of my bows...

It doesn't matter if the flat side or the other side is against the head, I do them both ways depending on what I"m putting on the clip. However, what would bother me is having the bottom prong (the one that slides through the hair) covered with ribbon. I prefer them either unlined or only partially lined with the lined part against the bow.

The ladies have given you some great tips about how to get the glue residue off. Becareful about putting it in the oven if you have glue anywhere else on the bow, it makes a huge mess (yes, I've learned from experience!! LOL!)

Another tip is you can use a hair dryer to soften the glue to pull the ribbon off the clip then if there is residue left, if you have a woodburning tool you can use that to heat it up enough to wipe off, just becareful not to touch with your skin!!!

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