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Default Bow making gadgets

Originally Posted by princessgigi'smom View Post
Hi All,
Michelle is researching girlie girl hair bow instruction but are they worth the price? The finished bows are on the pricey side :O(. I'v also looked at *LAMB's Hair Bow Instructions Combo Package and gator-bit tool? Michelle do you think that tool is worth the $$? LAMBS instructions look very detailed.
Personally, I don't think those gadgets--Lambs gator tool or TOTT's bow maker-- are nessesory (they'll hate me). But LAMBS and TOTT instructions are very good. I bought 5 instructions off eBay. First 3 are worthless--they are cheaper though.

If you use the gadgets, it takes more time to make the bow. The purpose of the TOTT's bow maker is to make 4 loops even which can be done without maker and save time (see the 1st post of this thread). The purpose of the gator tool is to crease the center better. I've never had problem doing it by hand--using elastic thread to wrap the center, it'll secure the ribbons when you wrapping it, just like gator tool.

By the way, I have TOTT's bow maker on my shelf, used once. If anybody wants it, the price would be $0 plus shipping (about $1-$1.5, I need to weight it).

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