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Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
I don't know how well this would work, but I did a Google search for "spray starch in Canada" and found a recipe for homemade starch: Maybe you can make a little bit and test it on a piece of ribbon and see how it does and if it leaves any residue.

One of the comments on the site says, "Thanks for the starch recipe. It means a lot to us Canucks after learning from Sharon Schamber that Canada is where the US sends all it's bad spray starch! I mean it was nice of her to let us in on it, but we were given no recourse of've given us northern piecers HOPE. Thanks."

Too funny! If it's possible to mail you some, I'd definitely mail you "the good stuff." We can't hoard all the good starch from you guys.
Thanks for that...But.....My only concern is this line
"If you decided to make your own starch, only make what you can use in a day or 2. It does go rancid. I seem to use a little more than a cup in an average cutting session."
I'm thinking I don't want rancid bows! hahaha I'm guessing this works for her because she washes everything afterwards....or maybe after it dries it won't go rancid??? Not sure....I'll have to keep looking, maybe check one of the bigger town around me...For now I will stick with the $11 a bottle stiffen stuff! I better at least use that up!
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