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Originally Posted by Amanda357 View Post
I'm having a problem when I bake my bows...At first I though it was the thread I was using so I changed to embroidery floss...Then I thought it was the starch I was using so I switch to stiffen stuff....But its still happening...I make my bows, spray them and then bake them at 200 for 20 mins...Any idea what would be causing the ribbon to essentially burn? I'm using a gas stove, does that make a difference? I have the rack in the center of the oven...Do people normally starch after baking? or starch then bake???
I've had bows burn too. Wash them in soap & water. It's the starch, not the ribbon that scorches. I second the Sta-flo 50/50 before baking. I bake at 260 for 20 min with no scorching (electric oven). You can do a spritz of Niagara after baking if it isn't stiff enough. If all else fails, do you have one of those tabletop turkey ovens? Those don't brown anything (turkeys included lol)
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