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Default Re: Need Feedback on Double Sided Tape

I like it. My clips look nice and smooth and it is saving me a little bit of wrist pain from using my hot glue gun. The only thing I don't love about it is that the sides of my ribbon are not "sealed" which is what i would make sure they would be when I used glue - that is using the 1/4" on a single prong alligator clip. BUT - I have gone back to both my taped clips AND my hot glued clips and pulls the back flap both....the glue one comes off fairly easily (now that is with the intention of pulling it off), the tape one is a bit more difficult to pull off and it didn't come off easily - so that is why I like it.

I have just started my first of 2 rolls of tape and am about 1/2 through it, so I probably wouldn't buy if there was a new buy any time soon. Possibly down the road.

Okay, sorry for the long reply. Hope it helps.
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