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Thanks Girls....I have been to ToysRUs once cause I called and they told me they didnt have the actual hamsters but had all the accessories. The closest ToysRUs to me is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away. So I meet my husband after work and drive all the way there and they had 1 piece!!! And my DH had to work the next morning. Luckily we stopped at a Walmart and asked a lady and she asked us if we had time to wait and we said she went in the back and found us ALL 4 HAMSTERS and like 4 pieces to the city. So NOW I NEED 2 pieces to the city...the SLIDE and the SKATEBOARD!! I looked on ToysRUs and one is $15 and one is $10 but they are out of stock. I have been on ebay day an night for a couple months and they are selling on there and amazon for REDICULOUS Prices.

Good Luck to everyone else that is in search of them!!! Hopefully we all find them before Santa comes My little one is just 3 so she is really counting on Santa to bring her these

I sooooo feel your pain! I just had an Off Topic Chat about this very topic last week. I have been scrambling as well! I have searched high and low and fear I will have to resort to eBay bidding. Wish me luck...I have a few bids out there for hamsters that end soon. All I have gotten my hands on in the stores is the starter set. No full city for my DD unfortunately :-(

I am continuing to search on a near daily basis though, so if I happen to be lucky enough to find any of the pieces you are looking for, I will gladly pick them up for you!! I absolutely understand the boat you are in right now!!!
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