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Default Re: no-slip grips...

That is from the DAP website and that is the kind I use, it specifically states it meets FDA standards. Also, I have sucked on one for about 30 minutes and the stuff does not come off or degrade in any way. I have tried scraping it with my teeth, my fingernails, a screwdriver etc and because you put on SO LITTLE it is impossible to remove from the ribbon with ANY of these things. It is rated safe for eating off of when dry......I dont see why it wouldnt be safe on the clippie. Like I said, with the tiny amount that is needed to be on it to work, I dont see a problem.

Now, with all the other grippies, they can be removed and thus choked on. The ones that do not adhere permanently can be pulled off and ingested. Lets face it, the very clip on which we put our stuff does not meet the little tubbey thing that you are supposed to put things in to see if they are large enough for a kid not to choke on. Is the hot glue safe if they eat off the bow? Can the bow be choked on? Did we heat seal it too much so it is crunchy and when they go to swallow the bow it cuts their throat. On all my bows for little ones, I put a sticker on my card that the bow is not to be munched on and adults need to use caution and not let little ones eat the bows.

It says this
"Be aware that product is not edible and caution needs to be exercised with children under the age of 3."

or something to that affect.
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