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Default I have an idea for my gridwall

Ok, so see if this would work. I want the back of gridwall to have a solid background so that my items show better. I thought my mother in law had a tent that had the drop down walls and so I thought that was going to be perfect. Well she told me today that hers doesn't have the drop down walls. So, I got to thinking of what I could do to cover the backs in the easiest way possible. I was thinking that I could just take material and cut it the size of each panel (2'x6' for instance) and then have my mother in law put metal groomets in each corner. That way I could just zip tie the material to each corner of the panel. Would that be to much work? I was thinking about doing the whole back in one piece of material but the I thought about the craft fairs that aren't necessarily going to be 10x10. I want something that will be easily adaptable to any space requirements. What do you ladies think? Good idea or bad? This is my first show so I really have no idea!

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