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Default Re: ideas for christmas gifts?

Originally Posted by gabrielles mommy <3 View Post
hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i would really like to test my knowledge this christmas and make some gifts.

i was thinking of making my boyfriends neice a tutu with a matching shirt and hairbow of course she is 4 and loves dressing up like a princess and i know she would love that.

but for his nephew i have no clue what to make him. have any of you ladies ever made something for a little boy? hes 2 and loves trucks. ideas would help alot!

private messages would be best since i'm taking my dd to a little halloween parade in 1hr. ty and Happy Halloween!
One thing that is really fun is melted swirly crayons. You could do them in old cupcake tins. Just break up old crayons & bake! You could arrange the crayons in rainbow order to make rainbow stripes, or you could just toss them in and swirl with a toothpick when melted!
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