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Default Re: Losing my mind!!! Please help!

Originally Posted by NovemberMommy View Post
I just looked at your site and I didn't know you create a free site with Office Live!! I may have to try that if I can't get this working. I hate to do that cause I worked so hard on my blog. Well, thanks for your reply and your bows are really cute!!! You do a good job! I may have to order one of those crocheted butterflies. I can crochet just not that good. I stick with mostly blankets and scarfs. I want to try beanies. We'll see.

No problem. I've put a lot of work into it and I have to go back and forth from paypal and my site, but I'm pretty proud that I've done it all by myself. I just wish I could edit my pictures with office live, I'm not sure if they have something for that, but I need to get better pictures on my site. Thank you. You can order the butterfly in any color you want, if the option is not there, just contact me with what you want. I can make horses and teddy bears too, but haven't had a chance too get them on there. I also just found a pattern for another smaller frog. If you need more help you can message me, I don't read all the posts so I could miss it if you make a new post. ~Bonnie
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