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Default Re: Anyone ever use this???

the thread date is right there in front of you...

top left corner...

thats what I look at when I open a thread.... you answered a thread that was answered by other ppl so all you saw was yesterday if you didnt bother to read the original first post.

the thing is alot of us are getting irritated about is the WASTE of time it causes us that use the new post feature

yea seems petty but some ppl are making a game of posting on old threads and it fills/creates all these "new posts" that are not new... it wastes time for some of us... and Im not the only one that feels this way Im just one of the more vocal ppl who will say something...

it is sorta one of those forum unwritten rules introduce yourself... dont hash thread that are 2 years + old... its a courtesy thing... a create NEW conversation and discussion
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