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Default Re: appliqued onesies

Hope I am doing this right, I just joined the site and am pretty new to all of this.

I make a ton of appliqued onsies and a couple of things...

If you do use heat and bond and then are going to sew over it, use heat and bond lite.

Second, if you use Batik fabrics, they won't fray, and they are very easy to die cut or cut with a Cricut machine.

I don't use fray check, and I don't prewash my onsies. I use quality onsies from Carters or an online source and the have minimal shrinkage. I don't think the finished product looks as crisp when I prewash first. Since I make a bunch for my daughter out of the same products I know that they hold up. I don't use fray check because I cover most of my seams with either a satin stitch, a buttonhole stitch, zig-zag or intentionally leave it raw edge. Also, if you have problems with your machine with zig/zag or satin stich, make sure your tension is right, you have cleaned your machine recently, have a new needle and you might want to consider a stabelizer.

Hope this helps!
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