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Default appliqued onesies

Alrighty, I already know how to make the apliqued onesies...but I want to go through the steps to make sure what I am doing will be off good quality and will hold up when washed.
- I find fabric I want and a onesie and I wash it before I start
- I find a picture and cut out around it and use it as a pattern
- I transfer it to a piece of fabric and cut it out
-I take the fabric image I just cut out and I iron it to heat n bond
- I cut out the image from the heat n bond and I iron it on to the onesie
- I use fray check around the edges of the fabric, so it doesnt fray.

This is how I will be making them for my christmas show, I made some before and I hand stitched around the outside of the fabric to ensure that it stayed on the onesie. My question is, Is fray check enough to put around the edges of the fabric??? My sewing maching gets screwed up and messes up all of the time, so Im really scared to go around it with the sewing machine...but Im not going to have time to HAND stitch 43 onesies in 3 weeks Will my onesies fall apart???
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