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Default Re: bbm vs. nbng?

Originally Posted by ruby2 View Post
The NBNG templates use this FREE method for twisted boutiques:
I know, but as I use several sizes of my templates every day, for a variety of bows, it was so worth it to me (and a lot of others). If it were just about that one bow, then I wouldn't be as enamored with my templates...well, maybe I still would be... Seriously, she has so much more information in her instructions - like how to sew up the middle for perfect creases, best ribbon widths and lengths to use for different sizes of different's just a wealth of information! And it's so easy to understand, even for newbies

Besides, my twisteds turn out better (more even) than the result one on girlythings Seriously, did she just shape it wrong? Because it looks uneven to me...then again I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist...

I love my NBNG templates! Sure, if you look around hard enough on the internet, you can find free instructions on folding bows, etc. I looked quite a bit in the beginning - also bought the TOTT system and the gator bite - both of which I just didn't gel with (I sold my gator bite - I prefer the NBNG method of sewing up the middle for creases). My templates save me time and give me beautiful, even bows every time! That makes them so worth it to me

ETA: As for the main response, I would much rather cut ribbon to a prespecified length, wrap around the proper size temp, pin through the middle , then shape, as opposed to the girlythings website arduous method of: cut out ribbon length, fold part of ribbon over and mark, fold over another part of ribbon and mark, then wrap around, then pin through the middle (making sure that your marks are even), then shape, etc....too much time. All that marking is done away with with NBNG - I just wrap, pin, and shape

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