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Default Re: Need help with Envirotex Lite

Here is my 2 cents:

First - ET lite is a hit and miss. It is difficult stuff to work with to get right, and i have ruined TONS of caps with it! - but I love the look I do get when it turns out.

Make SURE you are mixing EXACLTY the same amount - use a small graduated measuring cup, not just the caps - to iffy.

Let your ModPodge dry thoroughly and make sure to put it on the edges of your image. I use a sponge brush - but only on my white background images.

CLoudiness - my guess would be the tempature of the resin. Works best at 72 or higher. Here in WI, I learned that the hard way when I had my ET stored int he basement here - too chilly, tons of caps were cloudy or had a "spiderweb mark" on the top. I used a lighter, but even had to literally put the flame IN the resin to try to get bubbles out - I don't suggest that - still ruined my caps.

Cap making is a tedious and tricky process. And 2 part resin is a guessing game. I did talk to the guy at the wood worker supply place in town and mentioned how people must go nuts using this on bar tops if the weather isn't correct - he laughed and said that it happens all the time - the stuff is a bear to work with.
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