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Originally Posted by trg2577 View Post
tonya that was so awesome of more question, other then cutting the ribbon....what do you use the names and drawing for, i was thinking about doing a name and then a darker ribbon behind it for a bow, is that
I've only used the name thing for practice. I'm sure it could be used for other things, but anytime I want a name on ribbon I usually go ahead and embroider it. Never thought of using the burner!

Originally Posted by kaileyscott
Thank you soooo much Tonya for the pics. I have been so scared of a wood burner but I may go get one now. I have spent so much time of a perfect "v" cut. This makes it look more simple. So I am hearing Jo-Anns, where else can I get a wood burner tool?
I got mine at Hobby Lobby and used one of their 40% internet coupons - I thought a little over $7 was too good a price to pass up.
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