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Default Re: ISO: Pilgram Clippies

3" Cream for head and body
1" Cream for hands
4" Black for skirt (x3)
2.5" Black for arms
1.5" Black for hat
2" White for top
1" White satin for apron (7/8" wide)
2" White Satin for armbands and hatband (1/8" wide)

If you have seen my princess instructions then this will be easy

Step#1 Make a circle on one end of the cream piece to form a head. Step#2 Take one of the $" black pieces and make a loop, layer the other 2, 4" pieces, over the first at a slight angle. dot glue on the inside of the seam and pinch flat to form the skirt. Glue the skirt .5" below chin, glue the apron on top of skirt.Step#3 Fold the white piece in half to find center, glue to the back just below head and wrap around to fold over the apron. Step#4 Glue the 1.5" piece to the back of head wrap around the top of head and back to cross over the first end. Tiny stuff Glue the white satin (7/8" width) to the arms and top of hat. Cut the 1" cream piece in half diagonally cut and make into the hands.

I hope to make a boy pilgrim tonight.
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