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Default Re: Black cat on broom

Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
Krista, thank you for the kind comment. Yours is very nice too, and totally different. So go on, make the tut. There is no race so you don't need to be 'fast enough' People who are interested in your creation will still be interested. I replied to the 1st post as I just happened to see it when it pop up again when people replied. I don't hang out here much lately. This is not so importand I guess, but FYI, I've got the sketch for my tutorial from last year when I was still selling bows and clips and so many etsians asked me for instructions for my cat sculpture but I was late for halloween last year.
Thank you, Lynn. I apologize for getting a bit bent out of shape-it just felt a little off to me last night (could very well be sleep deprivation), and I couldn't resist a comment. I know you've made many wonderful instructions and you do incredible work, and I'm sure any I could offer would pale greatly in comparison. I guess that's why it felt a bit like one of the "big guy" stepping on the toes of the little upstart. I'm still a little sensitive after a copycat store sprung up copying half of my work. Business is far too competitive sometimes. I appreciate your response, and again, I apologize for the snarkiness last night. All the best to you & continued success.
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