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Default Re: What brand of ribbon do you like for wovens?

I have some duck bill clips I use to hold my work in progress. They are longer than the other clips we use. My fingers cramp and my wrists get sore if I am in a push to get a bunch of them done in one night. I always use Tiger Balm on my wrists before I start. I always over cut my ribbon as well and just use the scraps to make clippes with when I am done. I have 6 sandwhich bags full of scraps here now. Been making them for a few years not so it adds up. I hate to make clippies but with the double sided tape it is much easier and faster.

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That is a great idea! It was a 1 inch that I was working with and the clips were not enough to hold it. My hands were cramping up by the time I finished it- and to top it off the ribbons were a bit short so I had fun trying to finish the ends nicely!
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