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Default Re: Help with Marabou

The feathers will fly everywhere when you cut it, there is no way to avod it, that's the pain working with marabou string. But you can try to reveal the string as much as you can and just cut the string trying not to touch the feathers.

YOu can attach a piece of marabou string to the stacked bow by tying it to the spike layer. Either do a figure 8 so the two ends of the marabou will hide in the middle or simply cut it the same length or a bit shorter than the spikes and carefully add a tiny drop of hot glue to the string ends to seal them. If you do it carefully enough, the glue and the string ends won't be seen as the lmarabou feathers will surround them and cover them
I prefer the two loops 8 figure as two parts will look mostly the same. If you just you a short piece of marabou you won't get the symmetrical look as the feathers lean to one side IYKWIM


Originally Posted by Mom2Girls~Christina View Post
I've seen some cute bows or flowers that have Marabou very slightly sticking out in the back. I have tried to cut the marabou and everytime I do it cuts the feathers and looks choppy and I have feathers flying everywhere! And the "rope" it is attached to is so do you get rid of that?? Any help with this would be wonderful!! TIA
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