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Default Re: Help with Marabou

Originally Posted by Mom2Girls~Christina View Post
I've seen some cute bows or flowers that have Marabou very slightly sticking out in the back. I have tried to cut the marabou and everytime I do it cuts the feathers and looks choppy and I have feathers flying everywhere! And the "rope" it is attached to is so do you get rid of that?? Any help with this would be wonderful!! TIA

Ok the feathers flying... i use maribou alll the time when!!!! when i cut i have had the same problem soooooo now.... i leave the vacuum on while i do it (i usually cut all pieces to desired length at one time)... i get the hose part (where you use attachments) of the vacuum and set it on my work desk Then i cut right next to it (while its turned on)....all the flying feathers immediately get sucked up by the vaccume... no mess!!

Feathers looking choppy.... before you cut seperate the feathers all the way down to the rope as colse as you can get and then cut... that way you avoid as many feathers as possible to avoid that choppy look.......

Rope.... i sew my ends.... this will help from the maribou comming undone from the rope and allow you to cut as close to the feathers as possible so the rope cannot be seen

I hope this helps.... and i hope that you can understand my explanations lol!!!
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