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Default Re: Bottle Cap question about some I have recieved

Yes she sent these caps finished to me like this. I did email her about my disapointment and she emailed me back asking which ones were bad so I told her that out of 20 only 4 were ok. They were all striped or colored backgrounds. I had 2 that looked like they were damaged in shipping or something also because they have indentions in the images like they rubbed together or something.

The bad part is that I did make sure she was reputable before I bought from her. I read good reviews about this site from a few people here and she had a lot of images that I was looking for so I took the plunge, but I will be more careful from now on before I do that. I am hoping that I get a refund on these caps because even though its just $15.00 or so it makes a difference when you are just getting things started.

I have yet to hear back from her since about 2pm but hopefully we can resolve this soon. I will let you all know.


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