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Default Re: Bottle Cap question about some I have recieved

Originally Posted by momtocadenandavery View Post
I orderd a few bottle caps to try them out for the 1st time. They finally came and I am quite disappointed. Most of them are on a white back ground but the back ground has a dusty/grayish color to the white. Is this common for white back grounds?

I did not order from anyone on here (or not that I know of), although now I am kicking myself that I didn't because I feel like I spent $15.00 and they look so different than what I imagined or saw on line.


i get mine from have not had any problems with any i just ordered some more on Monday...she gots some good deals you can get 10 you chose for 5.00 dollars and 25 for 12.00 and so one i think it was the best deal i could find and the quality is good..hope this helps
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