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Default Re: I know this might not be the place but I need P&PT

Originally Posted by beansnana View Post
Sending prayers your way. If you have any suggestions for a stuffy, running head and nose, please share. I have tried Sudafed, steam, Vicks, nothing is working here either. If you feel like me, I could sink my head and not even miss it. LOL Seriously, sending lots of prayers and hugs to you and your family. I was like this at my daughters for 2 weeks. Managed to stay semi healthy with the help of antibiotics, but now, I have the other. YUCK!!!
For adults, the steam shower seems to work for my husband. I also do sinus saline rinses myself. It's weird the first time to squirt water up your nose but the stuff that comes helps!!

ThreeBlessings....sending thoughts and prayers your way. Thought my son had croupe but instead swollen tonsils and a 2 year old on steroids (WILD CHILD TURNED EVEN WILDER!)

Steam up the bathroom with hot shower helps with croups (son had it last year) and cool mist humidifier. They also say not too keep the house too hot, just warm.

Hope your little ones are better soon!!
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